For a limited time, March 24 - May 13, thrill seekers can ride BATMAN: The Ride backward at Six Flags St. Louis in 2018.

When it opened in 1995, BATMAN: The Ride brought the first inverted, looping coaster experience to Six Flags St. Louis, allowing guests to fly beneath the track with their feet dangling.

Now, the ski-lift style car on the ride will be turned 180° in the opposite direction so that guests travel the 2,693-feet of track facing backward. Guests will leave the Batcave and travel up the 10-story lift before flying through the steel track’s initial 70-ft loop, followed by two outside helixes, another vertical loop, a zero-gravity roll and never see them coming.

Only one train on BATMAN: The Ride will travel in reverse, so guests who like to face their thrills head on may still do so.

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